The role of our government and parliamentary relations service is to advise on how your organisation may most effectively represent itself and its interests to all levels of government and those involved in the political process.

Action by government at all levels can have a huge impact on your organisation. You can either just let it happen, or you can act to defend and promote your own interests. Whether it is over legislation, regulations, planning or gaining government funding or contracts, public affairs gives you the chance to influence decisions affecting your activity.

The two basic elements of our service are:

Monitoring – collecting information
Advocacy - providing information



Which enable you to:

  • Be fully informed and understand all that is happening in Government, Parliament and all related bodies that is relevant to your interests.
  • Receive advance notice of activity to allow time to respond.
  • Influence government policy or action through timely and targeted representation.
  • Build contact with politicians and officials to raise your profile and strengthen your influence.
  • Acquire enhanced status and profile in the corridors of power as well as within your sector.
  • Develop relationships, leading to decision-makers approaching you for advice as much as you approaching them with your concerns.