Our monitoring service not only keeps you informed immediately of all relevant information, but also advises you on what the implications are and what use you can make of it to promote your interests.

Huge volumes of information, which can be time consuming for organisations to sift and digest, place a premium on the public affairs practitioner’s expertise of knowing what is and is not important and what response is required.

Our monitoring service enables you to:

  • Receive advance warning of activity ensuring early input into the political process
  • Identify politicians and others with an interest in your area of activity
  • Understand the reasoning behind an action or the consequences that will follow
  • Have the opportunity to develop contact with politicians and officials
  • Take advantage of a press opportunity

Every day and all through the day we source information from all branches of government, policy groups, political parties, key pressure and representative groups and, where required, devolved bodies and the EU.

All the information is carefully screened to ensure you only receive what is directly relevant, the main point is summarised and a briefing presented with an analysis of its importance and, where appropriate, advice on how to respond. Information is sent to you immediately it is available.

We also provide advance notice of events, such as debates, submission deadlines and committee hearings, allowing you to prepare timely briefings for politicians, officials or the media.

Our service is distinct in that we do all the work, delivering briefings direct to your inbox as soon as the information is available. Unlike other services, we do not just send you a list of links which you then have to follow to different websites, some of which prove not to be relevant.

A dedicated consultant will be assigned ensuring your needs are fully understood and enabling him or her to exercise discretion in passing on information possibly outside your remit but that they know will be of interest. A regular review will ensure your needs are always met.