European Union and the USA

European Union

Given that much of the UK’s legislation emanates from the European Union, companies and organisations need access to the EU’s institutions to have input at the earliest opportunity in the decision-making process.

The EU legislative and regulatory processes can be complex and opaque, requiring specialist advice. There may be a need to lobby and monitor several institutions simultaneously, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Court of Justice.

As well as ensuring effective input into the EU’s bodies it is also important to feed into the positions taken by European-wide trade and employer associations and NGOs to seek to gain their support for your case. We can assist you in building contacts and maximising your influence.

United States

If you have operations in the USA whether through owning plant, outlets or sales, you will be aware of the impact that State or Federal government may have on your business. Whether it is the impact of legislation, seeking regulatory approval or securing government contracts, you will need guidance on processes and procedures in what is a very different lobbying environment than in the UK.

With lobbying much more pervasive in the States, it is important that UK companies operating there do not lose out to competitors who have access to government at the State or Federal level. We will ensure that you are able to develop equally effective contacts and have the same input to decision-making.

The Public Affairs Company has established links with government relations consultancies in Brussels and Washington DC. We will discuss with you your requirements and objectives and with our international Associates prepare a strategy and tactical plan. We will provide the link in the UK regularly reporting on and interpreting developments.